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About Isla Negra

ISLA NEGRA is an imaginary place where you can explore different aspects of human behavoir. It is a mirror of three real areas of MEXICO: Guadalajara, Monterrey and Ciudad de México over a restricted period of time (nov 2013 to april 2014), where commercial transactions have been recorded.

ISLA NEGRA retrieves information from different real life data sources: mainly from the BBVA's InnovaChallenge MX dataset (from BBVA Bancomer data sources, InnovaChallengeMX seeks to convert large amounts of information into something more accessible and easily understood by anyone, providing intelligence to the data to streamline decision making in companies and state institutions, so that it results in an improvement in the quality of life of individuals), but also from other sources that are necessarily related and, thus, reflect human behavoir (such as popular places from Foursquare, photos of the location uploaded by individuals on Flickr or the weather of a given day provided by NOOA's National Climatic Data Center ).

In a completely visually interactive envirominment you will be able to gain insight into some reasons that drive human behavoir and find about patterns that may be useful as a starting point for indivuduals seeking to increase the number of customers of local commerce, improve the development of a less favoured area, plan a trip or just as a simple means of understanting...

But more than all
I love my brother, man.

You can use this site to explore a wealth of data related to commercial transactions. Keep in mind that, as the Zenzontlé bird, that has four hundred voices, a single credit card payment is just the chirp that may explain four hundred stories...

The distance travelled by the card owner, the popularity of a place, the nearby business... or wether it was a rainy day or a national holyday... may help unraveling all those human stories.

Have fun exploring!

How to start exploring

In the stats section you can start by selecting a business category in the expandable tree (or all of them, by default) and a period of time (within oct 2013 and may 2014) and double click on any point on the map (Isla Negra section).

The following video demo is meant to provide a quick glance at the possibilities of Isla Negra

Isla Negra was designed for Google Chrome, using other modern browsers may result in some minor inconsistencies or weird interface behavoirs.

Best results are obtained with the whole period and for All Categories

Some interesting patterns (valid for the default query, i.e., reloading the page): What is the correlation between the maximum average of the day and high temperatures and the transactions date?

Number of Cards
Number of Merchants

by Roberto Theron and María Vaquero (Salamanca, November 30th 2014, 21º C)